Social Forum: Justice Without Barriers


Having passed the equator of the festival, the Social Forum is filled with a sense of solidarity with various international cases of abuse, being justice the theme in these two conferences, "Palestine: the failure of the international community" and "The mantra of universal justice for Tibet".

Miquel Ramos is the moderator of the debate on Palestine, who begins saying "22 people have been killed today in Gaza, and probably some more will die during this talk", he reminds us that this is a real problem. Shaban Kilani, a Palestinian living in Castellón, Jorge Ramos, BDS activist, and David Segarra, journalist and member of "the freedom flotilla", are responsible for presenting the massacre in Palestine.

SUN14 2008 FOROSOCIAL PALESTINA 013 LVShaban Kilani clarifies the origin of the conflict: after the second world war the British minister created an Israeli national road in Palestine, leading to military incursions. But the real current cause is that "Palestinians have joined together to create a peace agreement" while the Israeli government just sees a nation only for Zionists. The failure of the international community is refuted by Jorge Ramos because "the community of nations has historically sponsored colonialism" and the Israelite speech of right of self-defense is just a manoeuvre to "hide ethnic cleaning in Palestine".

Although journalism in Palestine is divided between those who justify them and those who reveal themselves, they forget to show the beauty of the country, the enormous humanity, which David Segarra shows us in his photographic report and who also describes as "people who without nothing give everything". We should learn from the Palestinians who "even living amongst ruins, they have no crime and their literacy exceeds 93%".

David Couso leaves his neutral position as moderator in the next conference, stating that "we want truth, justice and compensation". Moving on, José Elías Esteve explains the legal aspects of "universal justice". Having its antecedents in the age of piracy and when World War II finished, to prosecute crimes against humanity. Spain has been the most innovator country in regard to international justice, but the case of the massacre in Tibet by the Chinese government has raised pressures, which have led to a reform of the Organic Legal Law, limiting this possibility. 

lama-wangchen-main-stageChina sees in Tibet a land to exploit, full of virgin natural resources, in opposition to the Buddhist culture, as the Lama Thubten Wangchen says "we respect mother earth and do not harm anyone". When feeling respect for life, including one's own, many are exiled to India, even its highest representative, "the dream of Tibetans is that the Dalai Lama returns to Tibet".

Another matter is presented at the talk, which is the drama suffered in El Salvador, explained by José Iglesias. In this Central American country there was a low intensity conflict in the 70s to control the population, until some Jesuits were killed, which had an international impact. "A society that forgets its history is condemned to repeat it", is the phrase that ends his speech, which summarizes another aspect of the "Universal Justice".

Translated by: Mª Paz Marcos Silvestre

Texto: Rubén Eslava (ACR Crew)


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